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Welcome 2022

Happy New Year one and all!

I celebrated with family last night playing games; my brother and sister in law came over for dinner and we played a vintage game called Masterpiece where you bid on paintings hoping not to get a forgery. I found this treasure at an estate sale and bought it for the fabulous price of $4. (one of the reasons I love my job). It was a game my sister and I had played as children for hours on end. Hunting for treasures and finding something like this game makes my job the best there is. I don't often buy for myself when out Estate shopping for the store but when I come upon a happy memory like this game evoked I must add to my collection. My search for treasures is a daily one. I am always looking for unique and unusual finds for the store so you too can hopefully find a treasure for your home. Hopefully this year you will walk in to Home Inspirations and see a memory you have to have. May this year be your most blessed ever.


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