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Never Judge a Book by its Cover

Recently I discovered two antique oak door panels from an old armoire on Craigslist. I had just been perusing Pinterest and had a vision of how I wanted to paint them in Annie Sloan Chalk paint and make them look very Frenchy, so down to Seattle I headed to transform these into the vision I had in my head.

Now I am out and about daily looking for treasures and buying items from strangers so I take precautions to stay as safe as possible. When it comes to something fancy though I can be like a little kid who will follow anyone for a bite of chocolate and a puppy - but in my case it's some fancy French item (though chocolate and puppies have their own allure).

I pull up to this house that looks like every episode of Hoarders Heaven you've ever seen. The latest episode of Criminal Minds fresh in my memory has me a bit concerned. I call up hubby and tell him I'm going in and will call him back in 15 minutes. (this way he will know where to find my body if I don't come out). So climbing over every piece of oak furniture created in the past century I ring the doorbell and it is instantly answered by Bilbo Baggins.

This sweet little old man who LOVES anything and everything oak is only too eager to share his passion with me. I purchased my 2 panels and 3 more items and he promises to send me more pictures if he finds something else I may be interested in. Now please note I am mindful that I have only 15 minutes to get back to Hubby so the entire Seattle Police department doesn't descend down upon Baggsend in search of my body and promptly call him to let him know I am safe. Returning to the store safe and sound treasures in hand I set to painting my vision. I hope you enjoy how they turned out!

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