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Millionaire Mile

My sister lives in beautiful Fredericksburg,Texas which has become a favorite place for me to visit. Great Weather and yes, the "Millionaire Mile." This is 1 mile of fabulous botiques and antique stores and restaurants that I could, and do, spend days exploring. My sister, Neice and I dress up in matching dresses and make a day of it. I take pictures, get ideas and search for new treasures for Home Inspirations while eating and shopping the great stores. That is how I discovered Antica Farmacita our fragrance line. There was a fragrance of grapefruit that I fell in love with and purchased to further explore for the shop. After getting home my research discovered that they were a company based in Seattle! I promptly made an appointment and met with their representative in what has to be the best smelling high-rise in downtown Seattle. There is not one scent that I don't like and my biggest problem is deciding which scents to choose. Come smell for yourself and spritz away. Choose your favorite, after all, It's about pleasing all the senses.

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