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Joy Happens

We just had our first Annie Sloan Paint class since Covid hit. It was awesome. Get a group of ladies together and you are going to get inspired.

During the class we have time where we are waiting for the paint to dry so we can embellish it and what happens? You break out your phones and start sharing things you are wanting to paint, things you have already created or your cute photo of your dog. There are OOOs and AAAHs and lots of laughter. No offence men,but when ladies gather things happen. Joy happens. As the Ladies departed with paint and brushes in hand to head home to paint kitchen cupboards or dressers.

I will wait eagerly for photos from them showing me what they did. Now my mind is alive with ideas for more classes, more ways to gather women together, to meet new friends and share our lives, our stories and our dreams by creating beauty.

Editors note: today's post reminds me of my favorite qoute:

"Joy is what happens to us when we allow ourselves to realize how good things really are" -Marrianne Willamson

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