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Here Comes The Sun

January is finally over and we are slightly closer to spring. I know it is a bit early to start thinking about gardening and planting my geraniums but last week we had 2 days in the 50's and that got me out hunting for patio furniture. I may have been a bit premature seeing as it snowed today and there was ice on our pond but February is a blessedly short month and then we have March. So what did I do? I found 4 different patio sets to bring into the shop. I riskily put 2 of them in the window with Gardening pots and outdoor fun whilst it hailed outside mocking me. Undeterred by the hail I kept on decorating. Bright flowers and garden statuary made me feel better and I hope you will too when you see a bit of Spring cheer in my 2 front windows. Now for your part dear readers. I have 4 patio sets and am curious which one you like best. I have my favorite but which is yours? Patio set number 1 Vintage MCM table with 6 chairs Tall clean lines and made of iron with a glass beveled top. Very nice heavy duty quality $595

Patio Set Number 2 Vintage Cast Aluminum table and 4 chairs with matching umbrella holder Curly and lovely $595 Patio set Number 3 Round modern table with 4 aluminum chairs Middle of table has a lazy susan and it is incredibly light for its size. $595 Patio Set Number 4 Italian Molla Vintage Patio set with 2 chairs, 1 Settee and table Wrought iron with Italian dolphins as handles just sandblasted and repainted $1500

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