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Happy Valentines Day

Monday is Valentines day and for Hubby and me that basically means after 32 years of marriage not a lot. I will work at the shop and when I get home we will have a nice dinner and continue binge watching our latest show. We are pretty boring in our daily lives and quite content with that. For those of you who have more extravagant and exciting lives I have brought to the shop some wonderful new linens.

My personal favorite is an exquisite Fragonard patterned King size quilt and pillow. For those of you who aren't familiar with Fragonard, He was an 18th Century Painter who painted romantic couples, some quite risque'. You would probably recognize his painting of a girl in a yellow gown reading a book as it is quite popular.

Well this bedding is made of a discontinued fabric that back in the late 90's was my favorite. The fabric alone if you can find it goes for around 179 per yard and when I spotted this quilt I was quite giddy. You see I also have a French chair in my guest room covered in the same fabric that I had purchased from a friend years ago but am not quite ready to part with. The quilt however is now adorning a bed in the shop and awaiting its new home. Come in and see and I hope your Valentine's day is as Romantic as a Jean Fragonard painting.

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