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Curly Wood

Recently I came across a beautiful French cupboard for the store and was so excited to purchase it. The nice couple I bought it from said they "appreciate the quality but it just isn't their style. " WHAT??? How can this not be anyone's style? I thought but wisely kept to myself.

Anything French with ormalu accents makes my heart go bam bam. I seek it out like a pearl of great price. One might think this is something I learned from my family. Problem there is my sister... She likes simple. No ormalu, no "curly wood" (her definition of carved wood) just clean straight lines. I send her photos of treasures I find and she dismisses them. Now she can appreciate a fabulous French piece but it will never grace her home. Her home is quite lovely but it needs something gold, something ornate, something gaudy.... Good thing she has me...

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